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Preparing Your Child for a Life Long Love for Learning

Mission Statement
We believe children need a nurturing environment and positive experiences to "blossom".

Welcome to Blossom Preschool! We are excited to be working in partnership with you. Our Program supports the development of the individual child, in a loving and safe home environment, with an age appropriate curriculum.

At Blossom we emphasize the importance of environment as a tool for learning. Children are provided indoor and outdoor learning experiences and the time and support to practice age appropriate skills. Activities and projects promote a sense of self and all areas of development, particularly social, emotional, language and reasoning skills, physical development and a sense of empathy and respect for property and for each other.

Our daily schedule includes large and small group experiences in curriculum areas to support school readiness. Children learn through collaborative,hands on sensory experiences, nature studies, cooking experiences,story telling and dramatic play. Phonemic Awareness is provided through the principals of Zoo Phonics. At  Blossom Pre-school children have the opportunity to freely express themselves.We invite families to share and celebrate special holidays with us.



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